Better Beauty Mama

Welcome to Better Beauty Mama!  My name is Lianna Harrington and I am a Wife, Mama & Entrepreneur at heart.  For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with beautiful skin and staying on top of the latest fashion trends!  This started back as early as 8 years old when I refused to wear anything that wasn't Jacob Jr. or Tretorn and continued into my early teenage years suffering from bad skin and pimples!  For years, I was on a mission to find the best skincare regimens to get the clear, glowing skin I always wanted!

30 Years Later.  I love my life.  I have two amazing kids (one boy, one girl) and I have been happily married for ten years.  I work out at the gym regularly, practice yoga, swim lengths, ice-skate with my kids and snowboard as a family regularly during the winter months.  I LOVE being active and believe that staying fit is not only important for your mental well-being, but also your physical well-being.  That being said, I am far from perfect and not the best when it comes to eating properly.  I love Pad Thai.  A lot.  I don't care how many calories go into a giant bowl of Pad Thai from Cynthia's - I would eat it every single day if I could!  Thankfully, I control myself (most of the time).

In my daily life, I don't wear a lot of makeup. However, makeup is fun to use in moderation and having great skin will help with any application!  My personal opinion is that makeup should not be worn to cover up imperfections!  It should be worn to highlight your natural beauty.  The same goes with fashion!  Wear clothes, jewelry and accessories to highlight your personal style, natural beauty and best assets!  Never use it to cover up something you don't like about yourself because it won't help.  If anything, it will make whatever it is stand out even more.  

Lastly, and I personally believe this is the most important piece of the puzzle we call "life," is to always love yourself.  Nurture yourself and show yourself compassion, respect and admiration.  Practice mindful awareness as often as you can and pray regularly to a higher power that resonates with you.

Thanks for being here.  

Xx, L