One of Those Days

I was having one of those days... you know the kind.  When everything seems to be going against your grain.  It started first thing in the morning when my little one refused to wake up for school.  I honestly didn't blame her since she was up half the night telling me about the dream she had.  That was at 3am. 

After finally waking up my youngest at 8am and frantically getting her ready for school, I took a short breather at home to get some work done before heading out at noon.  I was looking forward to trying a new downtown Oakville Spa.  I love facial treatments and make sure I get a deep cleansing facial at least once a month.  My favourite place to go is a little place in Bronte called Hair, Body & Soul.  For $110 CAN, I get a full 90 minute facial complete with a deep cleanse, microdermabrasion and plumping serum massaged into my skin for a heavenly experience.  A full neck and head massage follows while I'm masking and if that's not enough, they even wax my eyebrows and give me a full spa pedicure!  It's always been my own little secret, but since I've started up this whole Better Beauty journey, I thought I'd share it with you.

To be honest, I shouldn't really complain about the facial I had as it was an enjoyable 45 minutes.  However, it wasn't amazing.  No head massage. No serum.  My skin didn't even glow when I walked out the way it does when I leave HBS.  (In defence of the new spa, it could also be that my skin is just a terrible dull colour because I've not seen the sun for months).    

After my facial, I drove to Whole Foods to grab a much needed coffee before heading to the gym  (I was feeling the need to bust out some cardio after a weekend of indulging in Duck Confit Poutine and Falafel Burgers at the awesome new Northwinds Brewhouse in Blue Mountain).  Coffee in hand, I went to the cash.  For some reason (clearly my fault, or the cashier's - still not sure), the lid flew off the coffee and hot, burning liquid spilled all over my hands and the checkout.  Fine, shit happens.  Suck it up.  I grabbed another coffee.  I could not wait to get to the gym and zone out for an hour.  Second coffee in hand, I hop in the car.  Place the new coffee in the cup holder and second coffee immediately topples over and all over the inside of my car. 

Deep breaths.  It's all good.  Clean up the mess.  Head toward the gym. 

Phone rings.  

It's the school.  My little one has a headache and would like to speak to me. Okay Babe, let's talk.  As much as I wanted to tell her there was only one hour left of school and that she could wait until the bell rang, that sweet little chipmunk voice on the other end hooked me again.  "Okay Babe, Mommy's coming."

My 5pm mood wasn't great.  It was cold and wet outside.  My facial wasn't the best.  I didn't get to the gym.  My kid came home early and now I have to help with homework, make dinner, prepare the bath, read some stories and get my kids to bed.  Exciting stuff, I know.  Such is the life of a Mom.  EVERY MOM. 

It was a glorious feeling when my children fell asleep!  My body was exhausted and I could barely keep my eyes open but I was not ready for bed.  So, I did something I rarely do, but something we all need to do more of.   I had a nice, long, hot BATH.  I threw in some organic bath salts from a cute little local company called Solful Organics along with a few pumps of my favourite Rosemary Body Oil.   I also used DoTerra's Serenity Essential Oil in the diffuser outside my bedroom to ensure my kids would not wake up and bother me during bliss time.

So here I am.  Finally.  Feeling relaxed, calm and ready to face another cold, dreary day!  There are always times in life that don't go our way.  Kids won't sleep.  Coffee spills.  People say things that don't resonate with you and sometimes assume things that aren't true.  When times get tough, we should all be reminded to hold our heads high and move forward, knowing we are exactly where we are meant to be.

Xx, L